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Cooking with Chef Marthe in Paris!

We arrived at Marthe's beautiful Parisian apartment a few minutes late on a cold, wet December morning in Paris. We were grateful to be cooking indoors that day given the weather and were in for one of the best meals we have ever prepared during a cooking class while traveling abroad. Chef Marthe greeted us warmly and quickly started instructing. We washed up and put on the clean aprons she had waiting for us and the other couple, who was also there for the cooking class.

That day we would be preparing with Marthe's knowledgeable guidance a zucchini salad, Chicken with barley, and a flourless chocolate cake. Chef Marthe, a former restaurant owner and long-time chef was very friendly. She judiciously handed out tasks to all of us, from the adults to Henry, my youngest. My boys cut vegetables, stirred, sauteed, and learned that good food is all about patience and quality ingredients. Marthe explained that most French people shop daily for the food they prepare, so it is always fresh and at its finest. She gave us lots of helpful cooking tips and instructions.

I highly recommend Marthe for a family-friendly cooking class to entertain and keep kids busy. My kids, who are already a bit adventurous and open-minded with food (thanks in part to traveling with them frequently), took pride in the meal and heartily cleaned their plates. They both requested seconds of the zucchini salad, and I was happy to know we would be coming home with all of the recipes. Since being home, we have made the zucchini salad, and it is a delicious reminder of our time in Paris and Marthe's kitchen. We also have plans to make the chicken dish at home. So many Chicken dishes lack flavor and excitement, but not Marthe's. It was juicy and perfectly seasoned. To book your own cooking experince with Marthe, contact her at To visit Paris click here for flight and hotel deals.

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