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Learn to cook authentic Italian food with Sandra from Cook n Speak in her Roman kitchen!

One of my family's favorite experiences in Rome was learning how to make pasta in Sandra's Roman kitchen. Sandra's favorite quote by Federico Fellini: "Life is a combination of Pasta and magic," was embodied in our experience with her.

She was an absolute delight and worked wonderfully with our two boys who were 4 and 7 years old at the time. Today, Sandra is looking forward to getting back to her hands-on cooking lessons and offering online cooking tutorials.

"I'm a cooking teacher. The experience of teaching and hosting new people at home is really fun! I grew up in Tuscany, and I lived in Milan, north Italy for three years, and in the south of Italy Matera for a long time, and Switzerland. I started cooking when I was little with my parents; both of them were great cooks." - Sandra

Sandra was also recently featured on an Italian cooking television show, "Alessandro Borghese: 4 Ristoranti" check out the clip below from the show. It is in Italian, but you don't need to know what they are saying to see that the food looks incredible and delicious.

Our Experience with Sandra

Our cooking class experience was a highlight of the trip for all of us. We booked a cooking class thru We had a very memorable experience learning how Italians have made pasta for generations. Sandra was warm and welcoming. We instantly felt at home in her kitchen. Her cooking lesson was energetic, fun, and very informative. She was very thorough and patient with our two boys, Maddox and Henry, as she helped guide and teach them through the pasta making experience. We all started with large wooden cutting boards and rolling pins.

She instructed us on the measurements for the ingredients, and we each began kneading our dough until it was ready to begin rolling out. The process was labor-intensive but fun, and she was there to fix our mistakes, thankfully. Sandra told us about the value of good olive oil and the superiority of Italian olive oil. I must confess that since then, we have only bought high-quality olive oil for cooking. She continued to explain how every ingredient's quality and freshness play a vital role in the quality of the dish.

She also told us to use Italian canned whole tomatoes when making homemade sauce for pasta, which I have also implemented at home when I cook. I love that these experiences can be brought home and applied in my kitchen. When I cook with my Italian Olive Oil and canned tomatoes, I am reminded of the beautiful time spent in Sandra's Roman Kitchen with my family. Click here to find out more about Sandra!

Sandra has also been featured in other articles. Including, An American in Rome, and Testaccina.

Contact Sandra for more information about a virtual or in-person cooking class! You will love the experience as much as we did!

Contact and Follow Sandra!

Facebook mobile: 00393288398875

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