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Learn To Play the sport of La Pétanque with Johann Pepin

My kids love sports, all kinds of sports. So, when traveling to the South of France, we thought a great way to teach them about another country was through learning a game of La Pétanque, a sport commonly played in the south of France. While this sport is often older gentleman playing in courtyards or public parks throughout the region, it is making its way to a newer generation of younger men and women, and traveling around the world. My stepmother often boasts that she is the La Pétanque champion of her town (in Florida, USA). If you would love to enjoy a truly French sport while introducing to your children to another culture and to chat with some locals, book a La Pétanque lesson with Johann Pepin of Les Pastras. And to show you he is the real deal, he has even been used as a local guide with Adventures By Disney. Find out more about booking a La Pétanque lesson in my post about the 8 Best Things To Do With Kids In Provence.

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