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Traveling with kids?

Updated: May 26, 2020


Why would you want to put yourself thru the stresses of traveling with small kids? You might be asking yourself this question now, but the truth is that if want to travel with kids, it can be done. Sure, it's different from a honeymoon or a singles backpacking trip across Europe, but it’s still an adventure worth taking! This blog is a work in process. My goal is to share tips, ideas, and experiences all designed to make your travel with kids more accessible and more enjoyable. Taking kids to another country or just a different part of the country helps broaden their horizons. They learn about different cultures, taste different foods, see how other people live, and learn about history, art, architecture, nature; the list goes on. The world is a classroom, and your kids get the opportunity to learn about it firsthand when you take them outside of their corner of the world. It also helps when your kids the classroom at school. Are you concerned about the cost? It doesn't have to be outrageous. Check out this post about making your travel affordable to get started. Ready to book? Click here for travel deals.

Henry in the Louvre

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